Over a course of sixty years, Phoenix Spring Company has become a world-class supplier of aerospace parts. From the tiniest springs to heavy-duty landing gear, our company is determined in developing our capabilities and ensuring quality work.


Our vision is to maintain our ability to meet or exceed customer expectations and provide dependable services into the future. We work with the mindset of continuous improvement, and embrace developing technologies that may open-up new possibilities.

Core Values

Quality. Innovation. Connection. These are the core values that define PSC culture and guide us in our daily work and in the way we do business.


Thanks to the collaborative leadership of our founder, Paul Prete, Car Graph founder, George Lindbloom, and many other great people who have worked with us, PSC has become the great company it is today.

Work Culture

We believe that new times call for new changes. In a society where work dominates our lives, we want to take care of our employees by giving them more time to spend with their loved ones.


We have successfully served over a hundred and sixty different customers and manufactured over sixty-five thousand different part numbers in the last half-century.

Our Mission Statement

PSC is committed to supplying quality products and processes that meet or exceed customer requirements,

both in an efficient manner backed by our continuously improved Quality system.