1. Request

When a customer sends us a RFQ (Request for Quote) we require they provide a blueprint. If a blueprint cannot be provided, we may offer consultation services to make recommendations in their design to help them meet their needs. Lastly, if the design is owned by another company such as Honeywell, we will need a LOA (Letter of Agreement) from the design-owner to move forward in the process.

2. Pending

Once the provided blueprint is reviewed and approved, the customer will be sent a formal quote. If the customer accepts the quote, they will then send us a purchase order asking for x amount of units by a due date at or outside lead-time. We will review the purchase order and ask the customer to make changes if need be. Once the purchase order is approved by Quality, our Production Control Team will enter the order to manufacture.

3. Inspected
For Shipping

Throughout the manufacturing process, our Quality Inspection Team will monitor and review your parts to make sure all specifications on the blueprint are met and also comply with any government certified mandates. Once the Quality Team approves the parts for shipping, the units are properly packaged, placed in appropriate sized boxes, then labeled for shipping. Customers may also pick-up their order if they wish.


Making sure our products meet specifications and quality standards is vital in our industry. Any escapes could mean risking people's lives, chances we aren't willing to take. We are certified with ISO9001, AS9100, and Nadcap for heat-treating and passivation. Our team of experienced inspectors monitor every single job using precision testing equipment.


There are currently 7.6 billion people roaming the Earth; we understand that the global market is in need of suppliers like us. To meet worldly demands, we ship products both within and outside the United States. If you have a need, we may have a solution. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or request a quote today.