Our Current
Job Openings

We're happy you want to join our team! Unfortunately, we currently are not hiring for any positions. Although, we are always looking out for talent in case an opportunity arises. When a position does open up, our management team often references the pool of applicants for any potential candidates.

Please do not hesitate to apply on your hunt for the perfect job. We'd love to get a chance to review your application and see what you have to offer.

Key Roles In

Manufacturing Technician

Our trusted technicians play a key role in meeting our production quotas. With hundreds of active orders, technicians work around the clock to make sure we produce quality parts by our scheduled due dates. Experience with common part-making machinery is a must, including coilers, punch presses, kick presses, cnc machines, and grinders. A self-starter attitude is a favorable characteristic, we recognize the work our team members contribute to our company.

Quality Inspector

To ensure we meet government and customer specifications, a team of well-read individuals who have an eye for detail is crucial in ensuring unquestionable quality here at PSC. Every time our company finishes a work-order, someone needs to inspect the parts. A worthy inspector has experience working in the aerospace industry, with a well-rounded understanding of industry standards. Desirable characteristics may include a courageous attitude in pointing out escapes to management, and a will to develop lasting solutions.

Production Control Associate

As a member of the production control team, you will be responsible for processing purchase orders sent in by our customers. Strong indicators that you are a fit for this role would include experience in office work specializing in sales processing, good email etiquette, typing at least sixty words per minute, exposure to the aerospace manufacturing industry, and good communication skills.

Shipping Clerk

Shipping Clerks are responsible for preparing shipping documents, assigning inventory locations, handling all aspects of inventory control, and keeping accurate records. 

Working As A Unit

As cliché as it sounds there is no "I" in the word, "team". We're proud to be a unit of hardworking individuals. We value the highest degree of integrity, especially with our products. Flawed work risks lives, a chance we're not willing to take. We uphold our stance as a quality supplier by keeping each other accountable in our entire process, from purchase orders all the way to packaging.

We're looking for individuals who realize that no company can operate without team players, and understand the importance of taking responsibility for every action they make. Individuals with the courage to question the system to find better solutions. People who know that making a difference takes passion, patience, and persistence.


We offer a generous reimbursement policy if you work full-time. You can earn reimbursement for taking relevant courses at a university or even certification to bolster your skills.

work week

We've found our team is more productive when we can look forward to a nice relaxing weekend. Our work weeks are Monday through Thursday with the exception of overtime.


Our employees are offered raises on an annual basis by conducting a yearly performance review then proposing an appropriate percentage increase. We also offer a generous health benefits package, sick time, paid vacation, and an annual bonus.

work culture

Our administrative team believes that creating an engaging culture is important in building a healthier work environment. Some of our events include holiday contests, quarterly company meetings, recognition of personal achievements, quarterly birthdays, and a yearly holiday potluck.


We live in a diverse country of people from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. Thanks to our differences, we have opportunities to share unique insights on pressing issues.


Considering the environment is not only an ethical decision but a duty to our future successors. By 2022, our company is dedicated to going completely paperless in the global effort to reduce pollution.


We understand that experience takes time to earn and develop. We're open to training eager candidates on the job. We have a solid team with years of experience ready to mentor the next generation of foremen and technicians.

the future

With rapidly developing technologies, the pursuit of automation has reached a new age. We aim to automate mundane and dangerous processes to protect our workers from risking their health.