an Order

Although the Inspection Team monitors quality throughout the manufacturing process, a completed batch of parts are also thoroughly inspected before packaging. Parts are reviewed to meet blueprint specifications by using precision tools such as comparators and tensile testers. During the process, the Quality Team also reviews purchase order documentation for any clauses that may have been missed during quality review. Among a sea of verbiage, could be one sentence that renders the batch unusable or substandard which we do not tolerate.

Approved units are handed-off to the Shipping Department to properly package, label, and bundled with all necessary documentation. Orders are then marked as pending till invoiced and the balance is paid. The packages are then placed in their respective shelf awaiting delivery by USPS, Fed Ex, UPS, DHL, etc. Our Sales Team is on the ready to answer any inquiries if the customer has any follow-up questions.


What do we do if our order is not correct?

We make sure our customers are satisfied with every order. If there are any issues of quality, quantity, documentation, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team to assist you.

Can we request orders be partially shipped?

It depends. We are willing to work with customers if there is a pressing demand for a specific part. If our Manufacturing Team has produced a partial quantity, we can arrange modification to the original purchase order to split quantities.

Can we pick up our order instead having it shipped?

Yes, you can arrange to pick up the order if you prefer, simply send us an email or give us a call.

Can we overnight-ship a package if we need it early?

Depending on if we have the parts completed (which is unlikely the lesser into lead-time the order has been active), a customer can overnight ship a package inside lead-time on their account (customer is liable for the extra shipping charges). Please reach out to our Sales Team if you'd like to explore the possibility.

What is your delivery success rate and margin of error?

Our company is proud to have an OTTR (On-Time-To-Request) score of 98% based off of Honeywell's supplier delivery scoring system. Our PPM (Parts-Per-Million) score is only .0001%, a dependable rate in an industry that requires precision accuracy.